Natalya Rolbin, is a designer and artist specializing in graphic design, painting and photography. Rolbin received her B.F.A. from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. She also studied at the School of Visual Arts, Student Artists League and Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center.  Her work has been shown in various group and solo exhibitions in Detroit and New York. Rolbin’s work has been published by newspapers and magazines, as well as reviewed and collected nationally.

Rolbin often draws on her life experiences for some of her artistic inspiration. In her paintings she tries to capture the feeling of a specific moment. She believes that we are tied to our memories by our feelings, and that we remember certain moments of our life because of how they touched us.  As the result her work is a landscape of unusual combinations of images and figures.  Her work expresses the beauty and mystery of life. Her artworks invite the viewer inside each canvas, telling us as story through unique imagery.

Rolbin’s canvases are richly textured and painterly layered, which results into expressive figuration.  Rolbin works with a variety of subjects and media, including charcoal, oil and acrylic paints.  She enjoys transferring and combining the characteristics of design and painting, and her illustrations have earned first and second place awards from the Detroit Society of Professional Journalists.

Rolbin’s exploration in art goes beyond the traditional paintings and explores other to her digital prints. The creative process begins with a pencil drawing on paper, which then scanned into computer. With the use of graphic software Rolbin manipulates the image by adding color and different textures. As a result of the two worlds of hand drawings and computer merge to form a new kind of creative dimension.

Studying the figure has been an ongoing exploration for Rolbin. She is interested in turning the figure inside out in order to express the inner emotions. Some of Rolbin’s work has a 3-D, sculptural feel, which brings forth a sense of life and force. Her goal is to make the figures come to life and emerge from the canvas into our reality.  Another ongoing theme in her work is the exploration of complexity of human relationships.

Through design and art, Rolbin is in a constant search to find her own personal expression of life. Her deep inner desire to create comes from the need to express what she sees and how it make you feel.

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  1. Hey thanks so much for following, I appreciate the support. It’s for a children’s book and may take forever-but making part of it as a blog helps me a lot to keep on schedule. I love what you do and hope to see more of your drawings 😀

  2. Natalya, a very complete about page. Just came over here to take a look around and say ‘thanks’ for the likes on my photo challenges, it is really appreciated. If you have any comments or requests just droop me a line. I am going to carry on having a look around….Have a good weekend. MM 🍀

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