See… see… and see more!

See, see and see some more!!! I found myself hungry, and not for food but for some art! Being lucky to be surrounded by some of the best museums in the world, I flew to the MET( Metropolitan Museum of Art, as fast as I could. And when I say flew, what I mean is that in the city that never sleeps, you always have to rush, otherwise you might never get there or worst you might miss something else even more interesting.

As soon as I walked through the MET grand entrance, I found myself transformed into to another world. I felt as I have traveled through time and each room presented new treasures to be discovered. The craziness of my day was washed away by the calmness and peacefulness of the beautiful surroundings.

As Roberta Smith elegantly describes in her The New York Times article “He constantly uses asymmetry to surprise and slow the eye, and does much the same with his logic-defying seams.”

While there are many favorite galleries of the museum I enjoy visiting on this particular visit I wanted to see the new “Charles James” Exhibit. It was definitely worth the visit. I felt like I was walking through a movie set. I was surrounded by so many beautiful and amazing gowns. And I could see that each one had its own story to tell. I was lucky enough to be there to hear it.



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