Falling In Love with Rizzoli

It was instant just like love at first sight. One day as I was waling around Manhattan after attending some sketch sessions at Students Artists League, I stumbled upon Rizzoli Bookstore. And I felt my self transformed into another world by its beautiful architecture and elegant feel. As I found myself back in the store over several years I was also amazed by its unique selection of books. Browsing around its three floors of books I always felt I never had enough time, always felt there is still more to be discovered next time.

I also love the fact that “Falling In Love” movie was shot in Rizzoli. I really enjoy finding places in the city from the moves. You feel like you are walking on a movie set when you find them.

Sadly to say the bookstore recently closed its doors and hopefully will find a new space in Manhattan again some day. Manhattan definitely needs bookstore like Rizzoli. No matter how many Nooks we have, we still are in need of books.

I was glad to have a chance to visit Rizzoli last week and take some last photos of its beautiful architecture. It felt a little sad without the sea of books that you usually filled its many shelves but in a way it was just as lovely as the first time.



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