“Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty” but that wouldn’t be true

Tonight was one of those magical nights that make you feel and realize that New York City is still the most amazing city in the world!

I didn’t let the rain stop me from going to Diane Keaton’s book signing of her new book “Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty” at Barnes & Noble bookstore in Union Square. I love any excuse to visit this bookstore, its one of the most beautiful and spacious bookstores in Manhattan. I arrived an hour early and was pleasantly surprised that the seats were quickly filling up. After purchasing Diane’s Keaton new book, I headed upstairs to take my seat. As I sat down, feeling excited with anticipation, I began my sketch of Diane Keaton from the back of the book. The first sketch was about capturing the likeness from the photo.

After 7pm Diane Keaton came out and she began with reading a section “Old is Gold” from her new book. It was an amazing experience to hear her read from her own book. It was read in a very casual way as she was just talking to the audience. The openness and the honesty of her writing, made me feel like I was listening to an old friend. As I listened to her I found myself doing more sketching. Nothing can compare life sketching of the person in front of you instead of drawing from a photograph. It is so much easier and more enjoyable to capture life from real life experience. And a great way to capture a moment in time. The second sketch felt a lot looser and came out more free. The first sketch was just a warm up exercise, which helped to loosen up. As I studied her unique sense of style I tried to capture that with my second sketch. Diane Keaton’s three staples that I felt were very important to include, big hat, tie and the big belt. Those elements often appear on the characters she plays int he movies too.

After the reading she answered some questions and then she signed the books. When my turn came for the book signing I worked up enough courage to mention to her how much I loved her movies and thanked her for the book reading. Next I gave her the second sketch that I drew of her and she replied by commenting on the hat in the sketch. I couldn’t resist an opportunity to take a photograph with her. I told myself this will be a good way to proof to myself tomorrow that it wasn’t a dream and I actually did meet Diane Keaton.  Next she pleasantly posed for a photograph and holding up my sketch. It was one of those amazing moments in life that you never forget. And the Barnes and Noble staff made the whole event very pleasant and it was lead in a very well-organized way.

Diane Keaton is timeless in every way.



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