Walk in a Park To Be Remembered

My Grandfather

My drawing of my Grandfather

Drawing of me by street artist

Drawing of me by street artist

Never underestimate the magic of simple walk in a park. My grandfather recently passed away. And I’ve been going through my memories of him and asking myself what do I remember most of him. Which events have left a big impact on me? And one particular event from my childhood stands out the most and it was a beautiful spring day in a park. I was about 9 or 10 years old and my grandfather took me and my sister on a walk in a park. We put on our favorite dresses and went to the park. We walled around, fed the birds and threw coins into the fountain for good luck. And of course took pictures. But what I remember the most about that day was when my grandfather asked the street artists to draw portraits of us. I remember having to sit for a little bit while the artists sketched us. And when I saw the finished drawing I remember being so amazed by it. From that moment I knew I wanted to be an artist. I was so inspired by the drawing, I remember wanting to be able to capture a person just like that also. More than anything I wanted to master and magic of drawing. I am glad that still have that drawing and it will always be a constant inspiration. Looking at that drawing many years later I am reminded of how I felt at that moment. I believe a drawing can capture a feeling of the moment much better than a photograph can. One thing I regret is never properly thanking for grandfather for that magical day. After my grandfather’s passing I drew a portrait of him, which is included in this blog. I just wish I would have don’t earlier so I could have share it with him. Never leave things for later and never forget those walks in the park.


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