“Inside Llewyn Davis” movie

lliewyn davis

Sometimes once a while a movie comes a long, and right away I strongly feel that I must see it. As if somehow it will a life changing experience and I must do anything to see it as soon as possible. This was the case for “Inside Llewyn Davis” movie. The downside of being so excited about something, is that the expectations are impossibly high. The reality can never leave up the dreams and fantasies that we dream in our minds. Especially since everyone has their own view and their way of telling a story.

This movie spoke to the artist in me, that is somehow still alive. The movie is about a struggling musician, who is wondering and trying to find his own voice and place in this world.  It tries to show us that life is more about the journey then the actual destination. It reminded me of my young self who wanted more than anything to be an artist. And I truly believed in order to be good at something you must sacrifice everything else for it. Life is all about making sacrifices one way or another. There are different journeys that we take trough life as long as we still see our dreams we might some day come close to touching them again.

I like the unpredictable aspects of the movie, that is the best way to show reality. The unknown can be scary and exciting at the same time.

I was really inspired by the movie and this photograph from it. I wanted to sketch it as if somehow feel more connected to the move and the character. I love photographs people looking out, they always leave us wandering what are they thinking about.


4 thoughts on ““Inside Llewyn Davis” movie

  1. Good review Natalya. The more and more that I think about this movie, the more I really do like it. It’s just such a shame that barely anything about it was recognized from the Academy. Not a single thing!

    • Thank you, I appreciate the feedback. Sometimes the best movies get unnoticed. But then it makes it even more special to know about them. Like a special secret or treasure that only selected people lucky enough to know about.

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