“The Adventure of Malvina and Artimon on Brighton Beach”

This illustrated story was inspired by the first time I took my daughter to Brighton Beach. Brighton Beach is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, which is mostly Russian. It is truly amazing to see how kids get so excited when they experience something new. That sense of wonder is so contagious and you feel yourself being transformed by it also. To see things through their eyes it’s like experiencing them in a whole new way. It is simply wonderful and amazing.

It was a magical evening. And I had to illustrated it as soon as possible. I wanted to capture as much detail as possible about our fun night. And every time I read this story to her the magic of the night comes back.

The power of a drawing is astonishing. For me a drawing can capture a feeling of a moment while photograph just touches the outer surface.

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8 thoughts on ““The Adventure of Malvina and Artimon on Brighton Beach”

  1. Excellent! It is incredible the way our kids can inspire us. Ten years ago, I would have never guessed that my first book would be a children’s book, based on things my daughter says! Your drawings really convey a sense of place and fun. Congrats.

  2. Thanks for following “Tails from Paris”. We’re now following your blog too.

    If you want to sharpen your international sense of humor, we do also have a French version called “Sous nos Couettes” : http://sousnoscouettes.com/.

    Thanks for sharing if you enjoy it too …

    Best from Paris, France 😉

    Alix, Roxane & their bald, bold & funny (at least he pretends to …) Dad

  3. Beautiful illustrations and story! Kids are facinated with many things in this world of which adults usually take for granted. Glad Katya had a great time!

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