“Blue Jasmine” Movie Sketch

This sketch was done from Woody Allen’s recent movie “Blue Jasmine”. I kept seeing the movie poster advertising every there and felt the inspiration to do a sketch of it.

I was also very excited to have a chance to see the “Blue Jasmine” movie this past weekend. There is nothing like seeing a new Woody Allen movie on the first day it comes out in Manhattan, New York. It was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed the movie, it was well made and the acting was fantastic. Cate Blanchett was great, the whole movie revolves around her.  Just like real life the movie is a good combination of a comedy and drama in one. And it was interesting to compare the similarities and differences of this movie with “A Streetcar Name Desire”.

I recently realized why I enjoy Woody Allen movies was so much. What I think separates him is his ability to explore people’s emotions on such deep level.  Other movies only scratch the surface while he really tries to show the reasoning and the thinking behind the character’s actions.

Materials used for the sketch: sketchbook and pencil, some special effects with iPhone app.

Blue Jasmine

Blue Jasmine


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