Paper Napkin Art

Never know when inspiration will find you. Before I used to think you have to wait for it. But as you get older life seems to go by faster and I am starting to realize there is no need to wait. Instead inspiration can be found in many unexpected places. As I was reading a “Home-Running it Through the Bucket List” a recent entry on blog. By the way an amazing blog, please check it out. I am a big follower of it. And it played a major part for me in creating my own blog.

I found myself being inspired to try some new today. A very important quality to have as an artist is to keep experimenting with new materials. So here is my experiment for today.

It all started with a napkin that was laying on my desk after lunch. It had a Cosi logo on it but it caught my attention that the logo was different than before. It made me think about power of a branding and staying constant with the same logo. As I turn the napkin over it was blank. And I got the same feeling as I usually get when I see an blank canvas or a blank wall. It felt so naked and cold. And I started to imagine all the different things I would paint on it. In case you forgot your giant canvas at home today and inspiration just hit you like lightning never underestimated the power of a napkin and sharpie.

The sketch was created on a napkin with a brown sharpie.

I want to pass on the inspiration, grab a napkin and a sharpie and see what you can do!

Feel free share your napkin art with me, would love to see them!

Paper Napkin Art

Paper Napkin Art


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