Woody Allen at 92Y

Woody Allen at 92Y sketch 1

Woody Allen at 92Y sketch 2

These sketches were done during Woody Allen and Dick Cavett talk at 92Y in Manhattan. 92Y is really an amazing place; they organize variety of talks and events with many interesting people. This was an occasion not to be missed. I remember as soon as I learned about this event I rushed to the website to purchase the tickets. I was afraid it was too go to be true. I even called the place the next just to confirm the order.

It was an amazing event. And being able to sketch Woody Allen during the event only enhanced the entire experience. The close up sketch was completed before the event from a photograph. It was a good practice to get more familiar with some of face features. And the farther away sketch of him sitting was done during the talk. I even included some of what he talked about in the bubbles as part of the sketch. The sketches were drawn with pencil in sketchbook.

They talked a lot o about golden age of radio. And the talk was followed with screening of Woody Allen’s “Radio Days”. I didn’t get a chance to stay for the movie but it was a privilege to just be there for the talk too.


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